Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms of Usage:

Subjected to your acceptance of and agreement with the following terms and conditions.

By subscribing to or by using any of our services that customer agree which you have to read, agreed and bound by the Terms which is regardless of how they subscribed to or use the services. If the customers do not want to be bound by the Terms, they must not subscribe to or use our services. In these Terms, references to "customer", "User" shall mean the end user is accessing the Website, its contents and by using our services that offered through the Website. "Service Providers" means that is independent to the third party service providers and "we", "us" and "our" shall mean REX (Reddy Express Gifts) its franchisor, affiliates and partners.

Services :

REX (Reddy Express Gifts) provides number of Internet-based services through the Web Site (such as services, collectively gifts…etc. Our service allows users to purchase the original Gifts through online such as Wrist Watches, Goggles, Wallets, Perfumes, and Luggage Bags, Men T Shirts etc. Upon placing an order, REX (Reddy Express Gifts) shall ship the products to any customer and be permitted to its payment for the services.

Reservations :

All orders are subject to acceptance by REX (Reddy Express Gifts). We reserve the right to reject any order at any point of time without recourse. We also reserve the right to change the price and quantity at any time even after we receive the order.

Returns :

Due to the nature of the products, no returns can be made once the order is processed and/or shipped. Any claims for defects, damages, or shortages must be made in writing within two (2) business days after receipt of the merchandise. We will replace only those orders that were processed incorrectly. The replacement of the order will take place only after the receipt of returned merchandise. We will not replace the order if it is determined by us that the order was misused or mishandle by the buyer or part of the order was used by the buyer and part of the order is being returned.

Credit Card :

If the Buyer's credit card is declined, REX (Reddy Express Gifts)will not process the Buyer’s order. If the order is shipped and should the Buyer's account become delinquent, Buyer agrees to pay a monthly finance charge of 2% (annual percentage rate of 24%) on the unpaid balance. If an account goes beyond the payment term's due date, unless specific arrangements are made, future purchases will require advance payment. In the event that REX (Reddy Express Gifts)must commence legal action to enforce any terms of this agreement, the Buyer agrees to pay reasonable legal fees and costs.

Warranty :

REX (Reddy Express Gifts)neither makes any explicit warranty nor implies or accepts any responsibility other than possible replacement of the products that Buyer is buying. REX (Reddy Express Gifts)may but does not guarantee the replacement of the defective product, or credit the amount of the purchase price.

Shipping :

After Shipping Product Will be Delivered 7-8 + working days . The Buyer will be fully responsible for the shipping and handling cost. REX (Reddy Express Gifts)will not be responsible for the delay in delivery, loss or damage of the order while the order is with the shipping carrier.

Cancellations and Refunds :

Due to the nature of the product, REX (Reddy Express Gifts)cannot accept the Cancellation of Order once placed. We can initiate refund in the case of out of stock, and other technical issues in such case we failed to process the order.

Orders paid by credit/ debit card will be refunded by credit back to the credit/ debit card within 10 working days of the process being completed.

Orders paid by net banking accounts will be credited back to bank account within 10 working days of the returns process being completed.